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Beware- Fall Invaders!

As summer raps up the seasons begin to change and there are fall invaders looking for a winter home to hibernate. In the fall months ladybugs, stink bugs, flies, box elder bugs and fleas can really take hold and grow in numbers. These bugs typically move inside the home through cracks and other openings looking for winter hiding spaces such as walls, attics and crawl spaces.

During their search for a winter home many of these bugs are also looking to mate. During this time the bugs are releasing pheromones to attract mates. Insect pheromones are very powerful, they can be detected by others up to ¼ mile away. These pheromones can be hard to remove and can last quite a while in the home.

Professional Pest removal is required to make sure fall invaders don’t camp out for the winter in your home, waiting to really make a show in the spring months. At Crown Pest Control we apply professional treatments to make sure these nasty invaders are removed and will not leave any calling cards behind for other unwanted guests. Call us today for a free inspection –540-373-2047.